Here is a list of some of the games we play at our parties. We chop and change them about a bit to suit the different ages and capabilities of the party members. We are also looking for new games ideas. Feel free to request any games you may want at your party.


Musical Statues: Everyone dances enthusiastically until the music stops then they must stand as still as statues. If they move they’re out. Winner is the last one standing.Musical bumps: Everyone dances until the music stops then they must quickly sit down. Last one to reach the floor is out. Winner is chosen between the last 2 players and it’s the first one to sit down that wins.

Egyptian Mummy Wrap: 2 teams. One member from each team is chosen as the ‘mummy’ the rest of the team take it in turns to wrap the team leader in toilet roll. There’s a time limit of 2 minutes to make your ‘mummy’ look really good. Best looking ‘mummy’ wins.

Limbo: 2 ways to play. (1) Everyone lines up and takes it in turns to do the funkiest moves under the limbo pole. Winner is the most imaginative mover. (2) Normal Limbo. The winner is the person that can limbo the lowest.

Back to Back Game: Everyone finds a partner and sits on the floor back to back with their arms linked. When the music stops the pairs have to get up. Last up is out. Winner is the remaining couple.

Disco Dance Off: Everyone dances to the best of their ability. 3 or 5 get chosen for the final. Winner is chosen by the loudest applause.

Box of Horrors: All players must put their hand inside the box of horrors for 5 seconds and must hold up 5 fingers at the end to win a price!

Sleeping Lions: All participants must lay on the floor and pretend to be asleep, they must not move. Last lion wins.

Simon Says: Anything said after “Simon Says” must be done. If Simon doesn’t say it and the child does the command they’re out.

Conga: The Host of the party is the leader and must form a long line of friends behind them and lead them around the room dancing to the music.

Ball Throw Challenge: 2 teams. It’s a race to throw as many balls into the basket before the time runs out. Each team must be in a long line. Each player takes a ball and tries to throw it in the basket. Once thrown player goes to the back of the line. Once every team member has thrown their ball the balls are counted. The team with the most balls in their basket wins.

Animal Statues:  When the music stops everyone must become the animal that has been called out.

Monster Musical Statues: Same as Musical Statues but when the music stops you must pull a scary monster face. Scariest monster face wins.

Musical Statues Pairs: In pairs the children must dance together until the music stops. When the music stops players must join to their partners by the body part that is called out.

Ball World Record Challenge: Let’s see if we can break the world record for picking up 100 balls and placing them in the box in the shortest time possible.

Pass the Parcel: Everyone sits in a circle and passes the prize box along. When the music stops the player with the box takes a prize.

Traffic Lights: Red, Yellow and Green will be called out randomly. All players will listen for the colour being called and do the instruction that matches the colour ie; Red=Sit down.

Islands: Islands are placed on the dancefloor. Players dance until the music stops. Then they must run and stand on an island. The player that has no island to stand on is out. Each time the music restarts one of the islands is removed. The winner is the only one left on an Island.

*NEW* Parachute activities: Endless fun can be had with parachutes from cat and mouse to ball throwing. All children love these. With an 8ft and 12ft parachute we can cater for any hall size.

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